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Website Development

We are a leading Web development company in the UAE, with offices in Dubai and Sharjah. We offer website development in Dubai, including web design, web development, bespoke CRM solutions, e-commerce websites, healthcare, industrial business, and custom website design services.
You have a project, and we have a skilled team ready to collaborate with you to meet all your web design needs and requirements. We have been providing professional web design services throughout the UAE and beyond for 12+ years.


Our web design will be responsive to all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Full Admin Control

Complete control over all aspects of website development, including web design, application backend, and data management.

Web Design Services We Offer

Our web design services are not limited to a single platform. We give clients the freedom to review the work and request any changes they need.
And we’ll work within their needs to make it perfect. Check out the projects below that we have worked on.

School Management System

Streamline administrative tasks and enhance communication between staff, students, and parents with our comprehensive school management solution.

Logistic Site

Optimize your logistics operations and improve efficiency with our tailored logistics website that includes features such as order tracking and real-time inventory management.

Travel Agency

Take your travel agency online and offer seamless booking experiences to your customers with our customized travel agency website.

Custom CRM

Boost your business productivity and customer satisfaction with our personalized CRM system tailored to your unique needs.

Health Care Site

Enhance patient care and streamline medical processes with our specialized healthcare website that includes appointment scheduling and secure patient information management.

Home Cook Marketplace

Connect passionate home cooks with food lovers through our dedicated online marketplace that offers a variety of homemade culinary delights.

Auction Site

Engage bidders and sellers alike with our feature-rich auction website that facilitates smooth bidding processes and secure transactions.

E Commerce Site

Establish a strong online presence for your business and drive sales with our robust e-commerce website that offers a user-friendly shopping experience.

Need Advice For SEO of Your Project?

We Always Focus On Results, Whether It Is SEO Services, Google Adwords, Google Business Profiles, Or Social Media.


DatumCode is one of the top web development and design agencies in Dubai and Sharjah. Since 2010, we have been providing software development and digital marketing services, earning a reputable name in the IT industry. Our professional team designs cutting-edge websites where attention to every minor detail matters to us. We strive to deliver the best results to our clients.